We were born to shall be born again by the Holy Spirit, Jesus says in the Gospel of Saint John (John 3:6).

Our spiritual being is born by the maternal tenderness of the Holy Spirit that empowers us to do love options.

We were born to bear fruit for eternal life. Our lives will be fruitful if we are united to Jesus as the vine branches are connected to the strain.

Without this organic union, says Jesus, we cannot bear fruit. We are born to coordinates of time and space, but our fulfillment is only achieved in the coordinates of eternity, that is equidistant to everything and everyone.

These are the coordinates of the house of God. The dwelling of God is a spiritual realm continuous of interaction of love, which is the inner maximum of the universe.

It is for this reason that God always comes to us from within. We were born to spawn, entering the march of humanization whose law is:

Spiritual emergency by loving relationships and convergence for the Universal Fellowship.
Emerge as a person means to grow in density and spiritual ability to interact with each other as brothers.
The march of progress has brought us to the wonderfully complex brain of man. The human brain is the mother of all that the human is and the animal is not reached to be.

The human brain is crushed in the clay which God breathed the breath of life, leading to the historic march of humanization.

The human being is to emerge and be structured in two profoundly different dimensions: psycho-somatic and spiritual, that is, being outside and being inside.

Our outside being clay and is deadly. Our inside being is spiritual and therefore immortal. In other words, our inner self emerges as the chick inside the egg.
The fullness of spiritual life comes when the egg hatches and the chick is born to a universal communion.
We are emerging to reborn and our goal is to converge to the Family of God. The dynamic that strengthens and brings out our spiritual being is growing through loving relationships and structure in the density of eternal life.

Born again means emergency personnel and community convergence. Closed and separated from others, the person does not find its fulfillment.

It is true that the human being is based on an individual uniqueness, but tailored to the reciprocity of love.

To be a person is to have a heart to elect the next target of affection, making a gift to him and receive the gift that the other makes it yourself.

The human person has the ability to elect the other as brothers, even beyond the ties of blood.
The divine persons also have chosen us as members of the Divine Family: children in relation to God the Father and sister in relation to Son of God.

Our identity is historical. To say us, we have to tell a story. This means that we will ever realize now the second in history.

As we are not born as people finished, we were born to be reborn. The strength of our spiritual being is measured by the ability to love and communion.

Worth, not what you have, but for what it is. Because of the art involves the rebirth of freedom, each person is reborn as unique, original and unique.

This is the sense of hunger for revival is a standing invitation to overcome the limits of our blood, race, nationality or social status. We are born tailored to God. Our condition of spiritual beings puts us at the summit of creation.
In Communion With You
Calmeiro Matias

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