His name was Jesus and he loved without feigning. His great passion was to introduce the human beings in the Family of God.

He treated God for Dear Father “Abba” and he taught the people to do the same saying: Our Father that you are in the heaven.

It was courageous and loyal. He always chose the poor people as company and he take always the defense of those that didn't was capable to defend themselves.

He left happier those who had the good luck to communicate with him in depth. All people who found him always found new reasons to live and to love.

He Taught that the share of goods is the right way for us to arrive to the abundance for all.
He felt very well near the poor and simple people because they have a heart capable to help others.

In other words, he appreciated the poor company, because these have a great capacity to share.

In spite of being against the sin he never defended the sinners' death. This is the reason why he took the adulterous woman's defense, in spite of to be against the adultery.

Jesus wanted to end with the sin, because it is the source of the violence and of the hate that torment the human beings.

The destruction of the sin happens in the intimate of the human heart for the power of the Holy Spirit.
He lived to bear good things to the people that he found. He allways did well to everyone, but he never made publicity of their love gestures.

The Gospel was the great love of his life. Sometimes He exulted of happiness in the Holy Spirit, above all when the people welcomed the Word of God announced by him.

He is the Head of the New Humanity introducing all of us in the communion of the Holy Trinity.

God made through him the New and Eternal Covenant. On the side of God signs the Eternal Son introducing us in the Family of Holy Trinity.

On the side of the Man signed Jesus of Nazareth, man as all of us except in the sin.
The signature on the Man's side consisted of being faithful to the Father, winning Adam's infidelity to God.
In communion With You
Calmeiro Matias

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