The Letter to the Galatians says that peace of heart is a gift of the Holy Spirit: “For their part, these are the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace (Gal 5, 22).

Peace and joy walk together, as is the source of these two states of mind. To say that peace is a gift of the Holy Spirit means that the inner peace is something that we can accept or not.
In fact, God gives us his gifts in the form of possibilities that we can accept or not. Otherwise, this gifts were not gifts but things imposed.

This is the reason why the Gospel of Saint Matthew teaches that we, with our concerns do not may extend the duration of our life (Mt 6, 25-27).

And the gospel of Saint Luke adds: “Beware that your lives be not heavy because of concerns over (Luc 21, 34).
Despite the accelerated pace at which the world is, we can counteract this tendency in us tuning into the dynamics of pacifying the Holy Spirit, whose fruit is peace (Gal 5, 22).

With her motherly love, the Holy Spirit invites us to cultivate feelings of trust in God with, knowing God want the best for us.

On the eve of his death, Jesus offered the peace to the apostles as the great gift of the Holy Spirit. These are the words of Jesus: I give you my peace. Yes, my peace I give unto you (Jo 14, 27).

Saint Paul, after enjoying the great gift of peace to the Colossians says: “May the peace of Jesus Christ abound in your hearts (Col 3, 15).

Indeed, Saint Paul says that the Holy Spirit is God's love poured into our hearts (Rom 5, 5).
Jesus invited his Apostles to seek the silence in order to achieve inner peace and let themselves be led by the power of the Holy Spirit who gives peace and joy: “Let us go into a desert place and we stay there for a while (Mc 6, 31).

Interpreting this proposal for our times we could say that ten or fifteen minutes of silence and meditation on the Word of God are very important to accomplish the teaching of Jesus.

By so doing we are getting an important food for our mind, that is, our mind receives the light and wisdom that helps it to look at all things with the criteria of Jesus, as Saint Paul says:

“Everything belongs to you (...) the life, death, present and future. Everything is yours, and you belong to Christ and Christ belongs to God” (1 Cor 3, 21-23).

At the same time, Jesus invites us to put our problems in God's hands. Not to be replaced, but to leave the Spirit strengthen our forces and optimize our capabilities:
“Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things shall be added. Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its (Mt 6, 31-34).

If we allow the concerns to dominate and destroyed us we will not be valid for others. The excessive fatigue and activism do not bring benefits to anyone.
It is good to repeat often: “I know that God is with me and for me”. If we train the mind and heart to welcome the Word and the Holy Spirit, soon we will feel a change in the quality of our life and relationships.
This experience means that the kingdom of God is going on within us as the Letter to the Romans says:
“The Kingdom of God is justice, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Rm. 14, 17). Remember that in the way of any personal achievement there are always failures in between.

It is a sign of great maturity to know how to get again after the failures that happen in life. In other words, the greatness of a person is not to fail, but to learn to move on after failing.

The person who does not accept the possibility of failure, they have difficulty in running risks and achieve goals.

The inner peace opens in the ways of achieving. Fears block our ability to dream and develop projects that will facilitate our fulfillment.
The Christian people have this way facilitated because they know that the Holy Spirit is always present and active in their hearts, acting an inspirational force that enhances their capabilities.
In communion With You
Calmeiro Matias

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