Risen Lord
You are the master of life because you have defeated death. You gave your life for love and therefore you could not remain under the dominion of death.

You are a messianic reality of human-divine greatness. You are the meeting point of the human with the Divine.
Your being is a messianic reality of human-divine greatness based on the human pillar of Jesus, the Son of Mary, and on the divine pillar, that is, the Eternal Son of God.

In you the human and the divine are organically united. The Holy Spirit is the bond that streamlines the interaction of human with the divine interaction.

It is also the vital force that in the momentum you raised Jesus Christ he makes up the Lord of the Universe and Head of the New Humanity.
This is what Saint Paul says: All who are in Christ are a New Creation. What was old passed.

All this comes from God who has blessed us in Christ, not taking more account of human sin. All this comes to us from God who reconciled us to himself in Jesus Christ (2 Cor 5: 17-19).

It was Jesus Christ who has reached the fullness of deification, taking up and incorporating into the fellowship of God's family.
Glory to you, Jesus Christ, for we are already saved because you are the meeting point of God’s best with the best of man.
In Communion With You
Calmeiro Matias

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