It's wonderful the ability of the human person can commune with God. It’s amazing because it means that we are similar and proportional to God himself. We have been tailored to commune with God.
Indeed, human person can only find its fulfillment in communion with the Holy Trinity. The Road to reach this fullness is Jesus Christ and the power to incorporate us God’s Family is the Holy Spirit.
Saint Paul says that the Holy Spirit is God's love poured into our hearts. As biological life cannot exist without water, just as a human being, deprived of love, cannot reach its fullness.
In other words, love is not in any way a secondary issue, because it is the foundation of the cosmos itself. Indeed, God the Creator is love and all things emerged from the loving power of the Holy Trinity.
To say that God is love means that the heart of the universe is just a communion of three persons.
Indeed, the dwelling of God is a spiritual realm of loving interactions which is the inner maximum of the Universe.
When we say that God is infinite love we want to mean that God is infinitely perfect family relationships (1 John 4, 7-8, 16).
Tailored to communion with the Divine Persons, human persons can emerge and grow forever in capacity to love.

The dignity of the human person begins in the fact that he can give birth to himself through loving relationships.
This condition is basic to the human being structured as a free person, aware, responsible and able to love.

The genesis of galaxies had not yet begun and already there was a loving relationship of three divine persons. Indeed, the genesis of the universe was started by the creative power of love.
This means that the fullness of loving communion preceded the universe!
The way to know a person in the kingdom of God is to understand his way to love. In the Kingdom of God a person will be forever known and identified, by his way to love.
Due to their status as spiritual beings, human person already belongs to the spiritual summit of the universe which is already immortal and called to the fullness of the resurrection with Christ.
In Communion with You
Calmeiro Matias

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