To Love is not a spontaneous behavior, because we are not able to love before we were loved.

It is for this reason that the unloved loves not well, because he is conditioned on their ability to love.
To love is to accept the other, despite being different. Love is a dynamic of well-wishing that emerges from de person and walks to the fraternal communion. In fact, we are in the path of universal brotherhood of de kingdom of God.

To love is to choose the other as target of well-wishing, accepting it , although his way of being and acting is not the same as ours.

To love is acting to facilitate the development and happiness of the other. Jesus reduced the multiplicity of rules of Judaism to the commandment of love. Jesus says to his disciples:
“I give you a new commandment: “love one another as I have loved you. Everyone will know that you are my disciples if you love one another (John 13, 34-35).

Here are some attitudes to cultivate the love: To love means being present during difficult times, because love always tends to communion.

To love is to help others to strength his self esteem, noting their positive achievements, even if they are not according with our interests.

To love is to help others to overcome the difficulties of their lives. To love is to help others to overcome the loneliness.

To love is to facilitate the maturation of others, giving them opportunities to grow as a free person.

He who loves not replaces, but he likes to help without overlap. The person who loves seeks to shape his life according to the fundamental principle of love: “It is better to give than to receive”.

To Love is to be able to keep quiet when you're hurt, waiting for the right opportunity to talk calmly.

To Love is to believe in others and do not want that our opinion is the only one that is right. To love is to be silent when we feel that our conversation is without interest.

To love means to recognize the qualities of others and not just turn around their defects.
To Love is to be able to share not only what I have, but what I know and especially what I am.
We understand love when we understand that the capacity to receive and listen to others as to accept differences of them is better than to give gifts.

To love is to give gives the first step towards reconciliation. To love is to be attentive to see if the other is in need of me. Do not just think: “When he wants he can comes to me.

Love is a dynamic well-wishing that originates from the person and whose goal is the communion.

To love the best is to decide to be a gift for another. Jesus brought the love to its ultimate expression: He gave himself totally until death.

Love shapes people´s hearts for fellowship and enable them to build our house on solid rock.
Love is the dress required to participate in the banquet of the Kingdom of God.

Love is a dynamic that creates freedom and creativity. In fact, freedom is the ability to love each other and interact creatively with things and events.

Love tries to accept the faults of others, though this requires renunciation and sacrifice.
To love is to mention the qualities of other and to be pleased with his achievements.

Love does not always require the availability of the others, but demand is available when they need him.
When love gives an opinion or adviser someone seeks to communicate the best of their experience and knowledge.

People that love is discreet to the point the other do not realize the sacrifice that is being done on their behalf.

Love is dynamic and progressive, enabling a person to live her life as a gift.People that love avoids hurt others, but he always tells the truth although this.
In Communion With You
Calmeiro Matias

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  1. Obrigada por esta partilha Pe. Santos!
    Tal como este texto, também o Amor é internacional, universal... Supera todas as diferenças que possam existir entre nações, entre povos ou até entre mundos completamente distintos.
    Só assim o Amor faz realmente sentido. Só vivendo para os outros e com os outros é que poderemos viver este Amor que nos enche de tal forma, que chega a "obrigar-nos" a transbordar.
    A Vida repleta de Amor será vivida em função dos outros e não de nós mesmos. Foi assim com Jesus, o maior exemplo de uma Vida que transborda Amor e que contagia aqueles que a conhecem.
    Hoje sei que se viver para os outros, se contribuir para a sua felicidade estarei a contribuir para a minha. Pois servindo os outros, fazendo-os felizes e fazendo com que se sintam amados, estarei a criar essa mesma sensação em mim e assim conseguirei transbordar para mais corações!
    Só uma Vida repleta de Amor faz sentido !