If we contemplate the beauty and harmony of the universe we can understand that the Creator of all things moving towards the fullness of communion to God We can understand that God knows a lot of music and poetry.

In fact the creation emerges as a masterpiece dreamed with wisdom and love. The universe is a poem in constant evolution. All things are full of meaning and purpose.

Creation is really a living testimony to the greatness of our God. The evolution of the universe turns creation, making it into a poem being written every day.

The dynamics of life whose summit is the man in construction is a hymn in building heading for the goal that the Creator designed it should:
The fellowship of the Kingdom of God. At the summit of this project is Jesus Christ, the meeting point of God's best with the best of man.

In the structure of Creation are magnetic waves, particles, atoms and molecules. But the masterpiece of the universe is the spiritual life to be structured as a free person, aware, responsible and capable of loving communion.

This universe we inhabit is logical and understandable. So our intelligence can understand it. It is a poem composed of several topics:

Planets and comets, nebulae and galaxies, stars, solar system, animal or birds of the sky. But the central theme of this poem of love is the humanity with its ability to love e commune.

God created Man in his image and likeness, in order to make a covenant with us and accept us as members of his family.
The Book of Genesis says that God in creating Man did it emerge from the clay. At that moment, God gave him the kiss of life and the Holy Spirit entered the interior of the clay, doing it clay with heart.

Clay with heart is the human person in possession of a heart capable of love. Clay with heart is the husband who tries not to miss the fundamental in your home.

Clay with heart is the mother that after a day's work, still makes time to provide moments of tenderness for their children.

Clay with heart is the young man who is able to take risks to defend the values that recognize as essential.

Clay with heart is the young woman who tries to act according to what seems to be right and fair.
Clay with heart is the teenager who is able to be different, even if it makes him less popular.
Clay with heart is the human person that seeks to treat others as he wants to be treated by them.

Clay with heart is the human person who decides to talk to someone in need to talk.
In Communion With You
Calmeiro Matias

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