His name was Jesus of Nazareth. Was born among the poor and lived the condition of simple people of Galilee.

His passion was to lead humanity into the fellowship of God's family. He called Yahweh his Abba, that is, Daddy Contrary to what was customary in his environment.

He taught people to talk to God as a child talks to his father, saying: Our Father which art in heaven. He was brave and stood always on the side of the marginalized and the oppressed.

He defended the poor and those who were not able to defend themselves, becoming the voice of those without strength to defend their rights.

He left the happier those who were lucky enough to find him, that is, those who had the good fortune to communicate with him in depth.

No one ever became poorer. No one became unhappier to meet him. He advocated the sharing of goods and the division of property as a sure way to get to abundance.

He invited people to open their hearts to the fraternity and follow the share path the world's goods come to all and still goes on.

This is what he wanted to teach when he performed the miracle of three loaves and two fishes shared which became enough to feed a crowd and still remained several baskets full of fragments.

He just loved to live between the simple and those who had a heart to accept others. He quite enjoyed the company of the poor, because they have a great capacity to share.

It has never defended the marginalization of sinners, despite opposing sin. In fact, his dream was to banish the sin of human history, because this is the source of violence, hatred and wars that plague companies and people.

Despite opposing Sin never advocated the death of sinners, as did the priests and the Pharisees of his time. This was this was why he advocated the sinners.

This was why he defended adulterous woman, though it was against adultery. The destruction of sin happens in the depths of our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

In fact, only the Holy Spirit is able to renew our hearts, making us move from selfishness to brotherly love.

Addressing the priests and scribes, one day Jesus told them they intended to dominate the people requiring it laws and rules that are merely human inventions.
Those who listened carefully to Jesus had always new reasons to live. He was not advertising his acts of generosity, because he loved without fanfare.

The Word of God was the great love of his heart and he exulted in the Holy Spirit when he felt that people understood and welcomed his message.

People in power and the rich did not want him to live because its message undermined systems obsolete and oppressive structures of society in which he lived.

As usual in such cases, the powerful began to distort his message and the truth of the Word of God, in order to justify their plans to destroy his life of prophet.

His name was Jesus of Nazareth. He denounced the sin, because it mutilates man. But do not feel hatred for sinners. That is why at the time of his death, asked God to forgive the sins of his murderers.
He Justify his way to work saying that this is the will of God. My food, he said, is doing the will of the Father who sent me.

In a cold, dark night his enemies invaded his house, leaving it empty. They did it disappear from the company of those who loved him.

But God raised him. In fact, God does not allow people who spend their lives for the causes of love, end up in the empty cemetery.

Love cannot end in death, for God is love. He had the luck of the prophets, that is, was killed by the enemies of truth and goodness.

Although he died surrounded by enemies whose hearts were assured that he was sure that God would restore his life.

That is why he spent his life doing good to everybody and to preach the goal of our life: The Universal Communion of God's family.

He was sure that no man could destroy the plan of love that God dreamed for Humanity. It was to lead humanity toward this goal that he lived and died.

At the beginning of his mission, the Holy Spirit consecrated him, so he had the strength to be faithful to the end. That is why he felt safe and had the strength to face the evil forces that are trying to dehumanize people and societies.

His mission was to reverse the destructive dynamic of Adam: the sin. With his infidelity to God Adam put mankind in path to failure.
Jesus of Nazareth, with its unconditional loyalty to the will of God, put humankind on the path leading to universal brotherhood and our incorporation into the feast of the Divine Family.

Dying for us, fully shared his being. His life becomes a heritage by all human beings. After his resurrection we were organically united with him. So he sends us the seed of new life, that is, the Holy Spirit (1 John 3, 9).

He is, says the Gospel of Saint John, the strain of the vine whose branches we are (John 15: 1-8).
Once risen became the heart of the Universal Fellowship joining in a definitive way the Man with God.
After to be resurrected Jesus of Nazareth became more attached to us than before, because the point of encounter and communion with him is now our hearts.

Jesus gave us his life to feed our spiritual life. This is the reason why Jesus left us the Eucharist, which gives everyone the good bread of life.

When the man takes God seriously find the perfect conditions to be Save. And the Holy Spirit becomes the driver of the walk leading to the birth of God´s son.

He is told Saint Paul, the head of the New Creation reconciled to God (2 Cor 5, 17-19).
In communion With You
Calmeiro Matias

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