Holy Trinity,
God blessed whose essence is the relationships of love. Your home coincides with the essence of your divinity, because you are not in space or time.
In fact, your home is a field of continuous spiritual field of interactions of love which is the inner maximum of the universe.

Holy God,
You are a dynamic of love relationships. The relations in the Universe are your fingerprints Dear God.
This is why relationships are present throughout all the universe: atom, cell, solar system galaxy.
Your Universe is a living poem, a masterpiece that you have created with infinite love. But the genesis of this Universe has not ended.
It is the reason why your poem creator is still being written. Really the Cosmos is a living poem that you continue to write in permanent and progressive dynamic: Each star is one verse and each galaxy is one choir.

In the march of Creation there is music and poetry are music, meaning and purpose. Creation is a living testimony to the wisdom of the Creator.
From the cosmic dynamic springs beauty and intelligence emerges. The summit of this living poem is the Man in construction and finding the face of God.

Holy Father
When you created the Man the Holy Spirit with his art to encourage fellowship and create bonds of communion originated the spiritual life which, being personal, is tailored to the encounter and communion with God.
And to complete the march of evolution comes the organic clay from which Adam left. At that moment, God communicates to him the breath of life through a kiss full of tenderness.
At this point, the clay becomes clay with heart and the Man emerges as a multitude of persons able to choose the other as target of love.
Holy God
In the heart of your poem so full of wisdom and love, comes Jesus Christ, the meeting point of God's best with the best of humanity.

Your Universe is logical. This is the reason why we can understand its meanings and interactions.
How big are all the topics of your living poem: atom, planet, galaxy, asteroid or North Star. But the central theme of this poem is the Man whose summit is Jesus Christ.

With the emergence of Man, the Earth gave a qualitative leap becoming a place where we can love and build brotherhood and be happy.

The Humanity is emerging as dynamic and organic communion of human beings. In this communion each person springs as one unique and unrepeatable story, with his own way of loving.

Finally, when the Man was introduced by Christ in the communion of God, he is deified becoming the offspring of God.

In Communion With You
Calmeiro Matias

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