The Divinity is a God whose heart is a spring of love. The Bible says that God is Love (1 John 4: 7-8).
The Man is also able to communicate with tenderness and love, because we were created as image and likeness of God.

Our God is a familiar communion of three persons. It was he who created the hearts of the fathers, many of which are capable many of which are capable of a total donation to their children.

After God created humanity, he decided to incorporate us in his divine family as children in relation to God the Father and brothers in relation to the Eternal Son of God.

Our God is relationships and printed the seal of relations in the genesis of the entire Universe. In fact everything in the Universe is on relationships.

In other words, God has impressed their fingerprints into the fabric of Creation. From the atom to the galaxy and the solar system to the universe all things proclaim the goodness and love of God the Creator.

In other words, the Cosmos is a living testimony to the wisdom and a divine revelation of God's creative activity.

In the further evolution of the universe has sprung the life whose summit is the Humanity in Construction.
The human poems sing of human pain, passion and love. The poem of God is a cosmic hymn whose center is the human encounter with God through Jesus Christ.
The poem of God talks of waves, particles, cells and conscious life that can do wonderful stories of love and fidelity! A human person is the masterpiece of our God.

I love the universe where we live. It is a global web of relations generating rhythm, harmony, waves of music, magnificent thoughts that we express by singing or writing poetry.

Although incomplete and imperfect, humanity is already part of the dome of the Creation.
Humanity manifests indeed his capacity of loving relationships. This is the reason why Humanity can commune with the Creator. In fact the divinity is persons and humanity too!

This means that it is possible to be God's family. This possibility is a gift that God gives us through the mystery of Incarnation (Jo 1, 12-14).

Human persons are under construction and therefore, are still unfinished. God wanted us to have part in our creation so that we can be free, conscious and responsible.

We can say that God created humankind for the feast of shared life. That is why Jesus told Nicodemus that man was born to born again (John 3, 3-6).
In the center of the poem God is Jesus Christ and the Salvation of Humanity. It is the meeting point of the Man and God.
This is possible because the divinity grafted on humanity. Thanks to the mystery of the Incarnation humanity has been optimized, finding its fulfillment in the communion of the Holy Trinity.

For the fact that human beings have spiritual life the person has a density of eternal life. Creator and Creation can now give up their hands and make a covenant of eternal fellowship.

The Holy Spirit is the sap that nourishes in us the divine life. Saint Paul says that he is the love of God poured into our hearts (Rom 5, 5).
In communion with you
Calmeiro Matias

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