Holy Father
Our heart is the point of encounter with you and your Word. Your word is smooth, but firm and unambiguous.
When we are concerned, your word never leaves us confused and without seeing clearly the way to go. In our heart, your word is a musical melody.

Holy Father

When we experience the novelty of your Word the noise bother because we prefer the silence. In fact, your Word is not like the thunder that scares the children and the elderly.
Your Word gives peace and wisdom to all people of all ages, races, languages and nations.

Holy Father
Your word is heard in the depth of our being, because the Holy Spirit speaks to our hearts. The human being who listens to your word becomes a new person in his heart and his mind.
Never stays the same, because it is creative and effective. Despite being strong and dynamic, your word is not like a hurricane that destroys and causes chaos.

Your Word is not like the torrential rains that destroy the seed and the fruit trees. It is never noisy, because it is heard in the vibrations of love, giving rise to light within the darkness of our suffering.

Holy Father

You are the spring of the Word. When you talk in our inner we feel our heart to vibrate with waves of love.
When a man welcomes your word starts to emerge into his inner an irresistible impulse to announce the New Life and love. In fact, your word raises Apostles and prophets.

Holy Father

You are the Source of the Word. It Speeches today like yesterday, like today, in the morning like afternoon. It is soft, but is secure and firm. It never generates confusion.

Let’s see the teachings of the gospel of Saint John with regard to this issue: “In the beginning was the Word. The Word was God.
It was by the Word that everything came into being. Without the Word nothing came into being.
The Word of Life came into all beings and the life was the Light of Men. The light shines in the darkness but the darkness has not accepted it (1, 1-5).
And then adds: “But to those who received it gave the power to become children of God” (Jo 1, 12). Because it is fertile, your Word is the source of Life!
In Communion With God
Calmeiro Matias

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