Holy God
The mystery is anything which is not clear, but he reveals us in a gradual and progressive manner through relationships.
Holy Trinity
You are a community in permanent relationships of love. You are not obvious but you reveals to us when we relate with you that you are the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Holy Father
Thank you for helping us to walk in faith, the tasty fruit of your Word and the result of revealing action of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

We give you praise because you receive human beings and help each human being as a child.
Dear Son of God

We blessed you because you welcome us in God’s Family and help us as our brothers.

We give glory to you Holy Spirit,
You are the love of God poured into our hearts (Rm 5, 5). You dwell in our hearts becuse you have chosen it as a temple for you (1 Cor 3, 16).

With your maternal way of love you guide our steps leading us to the Father who welcomes us as children and to the eternal Son of God who welcomes us as brothers (Rom 8, 14-16).

You are in us and for us but never in our place because you never replace us. With your maternal tenderness you dwell in our hearts, speaking to us of God´s love which we can not to know if you do not reveal us.
When we open our minds and hearts to your revelation emerge in us the theological wisdom of the Faith, Hope and Charity.

Holy Trinity,
Our faith tells us that your love for us is unconditional. We can refuse your love, but we cannot prevent that you continue to love us infinitely
You have taken away the initiative to love us before we were good, giving us the Holy Spirit that helps us to be good. Your will each human being coincides with the best for him.

Holy God,
You are the source of eternal life. The First Letter of Saint John says that you are Love (1 Jo 4, 16).
This means that you are always something new happening because love never repeats itself.
Without ceasing to be the one God infinitely perfect, you are a new way to love every day. When our faith says that God's nature is immutable, it wants to say that you are always a permanent emergency in three people of infinite perfection in full convergence of loving communion.
Without you, Dear God, our lives were meaningless. So we tell you with much love: We belong to you, Most Holy Trinity!
In Communion With You
Calmeiro Matias

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