Animals like to live, but they are not able to make life plans or find ways and means to live.
Humans, by contrast, cannot live without sense, because life comes to them as a challenge. Without sense to live, man enters into crisis and may even think of suicide.

Please be structured as a historical being, a person has the ability to link the past with present and present with plans and dreams for the future.

This is so because the person feels to walk to a goal that is consolidating and strengthening the achievements of human success.

In fact, the person is made, making and performing. This means that human life is a chain of experiences and accomplishments that are being structured in a unique personal identity, unique, unrepeatable and capable of loving communion.

Not being a person under construction, the animals do not have this existential awareness. In fact, the animal does not feels called upon to act in accordance with the values.

In fact, the values are demands that the person feels to be constructed in accordance with them, in order to build a free, conscious and responsible people.

In other words, how be in progress, one built up in a gradual and progressive, giving rise to the newness of single person.

And this is how we will make images of God because when we emerge into the new, let us transcend and configuring the image of God.

As emerges and is structured, person, while remaining the same, will be building a newness of single person.

The human person is a being hungry for transcendence, for it carries a vocation to be held in
order to reach their fulfillment in God.

It is for this reason that human beings cannot stop to think of the meanings of life. Animals are unable to think of the meanings of life.
It is for this reason that they cannot to put up meanings for their life. It is the reason by they are unaware of his death.
In other words, the awareness of death itself is a stimulus that invites the person to put up the meaning of life.
To address the meaning of life, God is not in any way a secondary issue. On the contrary, gives it deeper reasons to decide and act in harmony with love.
There is no doubt that the universal conscience of mankind has evolved to put the religious issue.
This means that humanity as a whole felling that we are not building to death. Jesus Christ brought the greatest response to these basic human questions. In fact, looking at life in the light of the resurrection of Christ, we realize that death is not the last word on the draft human under construction.

In fact, by the mystery of the Incarnation, the divine is grafted in human life to make us divine.
In Communion With You
Calmeiro Matias

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