Holy Father
When we look at the time in the light of eternity, the time gains a new meaning and a new importance. In the light of eternity, time appears as the womb within which the personalities emerge and reach the density of eternal life.

This means that the spiritual life, with its eternal density emerges within time. Viewed in the light of eternity, the main vocation of human beings is to build a free person through love relationship.

If time is given to us to build our spiritual and eternal reality, then time must be taken seriously and used well.
Interpreting in this light, the morning is an invitation to enjoy the new day as another opportunity to build in time what we will be forever.
When we look at the time in the light of eternity, we understand that today is the day that we can build our capacity to love and be happy forever.
In other words today we can enrich the heritage of the ultimate universal communion of God's kingdom.
Now is the time to configure the personal identity or what we will be forever.
In fact, our spiritual identity our spiritual identity is just the way we love. Jesus said the dynamics of eternal life is similar to a wedding party.
If so, then we will dance forever the rhythm of love we learn in Historyf we trained in the History.
As we are living in historic achievement, the time gives us the opportunity to shape our ability to commune with God and brethren in the Universal Fellowship of God's family.

Even in this day we can reorient the way we will live on the feast of eternal life, changing the way we find and relate to others.

Holy Father,
Thank you because you give us the time we need to improve our ability to commune forever with you and our brothers.

Now we have the opportunity to build the fullness of life beyond death. Today is an important day because it's a time the Holy Spirit gives us qualities to build what we shall be forever. You wanted us to do as people trained to love God and our neighbor.
By giving us the time you give us the opportunity to build our eternity. Managing our time well is the fundamental prerequisite for deciding on a day-to-day what we will be forever.
Seeing time in the light of eternity it is not just a succession of moments that come together that take place gradually that take place gradually moving from the seconds to minutes, hours, days, years, centuries or millennia.
This means that time is much more than what the clocks and calendars quantified.
The Holy Spirit, with its inspiration, makes us understand the value of time as way of salvation.
In other words, this day can be the day of salvation for us. God’s Word enables to enjoy the time as a gift from God and the meaning of this day.
Today is the day that the Holy Spirit invites us to complete our achievement and the achievement of God’s Creation.
The greater danger today is we decide to kill time, because that would mean taking the decision not to emerge or grow to the fullness of eternal life.
In other words, it is up to us to have the last decision on the fecundity of this day. In fact, this day give us the opportunity to make a qualitative leap, giving to life a new density and thus enrich our ultimate fulfillment.
People who take seriously the time can grow as people and help humanity to move forward.
All this leads us to the mystery of Man whose achievement is a historical process. As we build the people we perform a task that Holy Spirit are improving in our interiority, making us brothers of Jesus. So Jesus became the firstborn of many brothers as Saint Paul says:
“Those whom God has known since the earliest times, He also predestined to be an image of his Son, so that he is the firstborn among many brethren (Rom 8, 29).

Jesus of Nazareth, our Brother: Your personal identity is also based on human time. The gospel of Luke says that Jesus grew in wisdom, stature and grace before God and before people (Lc 2, 52).
In Communion with you
Calmeiro Matias

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