The contents of the Christian faith offer a unique view of life as a human project to live and a deeper sense of reality: God, Man, History and Universe.

Our faith teaches that there is one God, which is not a person, but a dynamic and organic communion of three persons. God is relationships and Family.

Biblical faith affirms that God is the Creator of the Universe. Viewed in the light of Christian Faith we believe that the mystery of the Incarnation, divinity is grafted in the humanity to deify humanity.

We believe that through de incarnation the Eternal Son of God manifested in human greatness through Jesus of Nazareth.

We believe that the dynamics of the incarnation is based on organic union and interaction of the divine Son of God with the human Son of Mary.
We believe that Christ is the meeting point of God's best with the best human. We believe that this human-divine union, is one, but without confusion or merger.
We believe that the graft of the divine in human happened in the womb of the Virgin Mary. We believe that the Holy Spirit is the main is the main principle of action of this human-divine interaction.

We believe that the Holy Spirit, with his maternal way of love is a central mission in the mystery of the Incarnation.

Like the creed of the People of God we believe that the Son of God incarnated by the Holy Spirit.
We believe that God, being love, not condemn anyone. People who go to eternal death are condemned by their own decision.

We believe that by creating humans, God intervened in a special way by informing with the breath of life the clay from which Adam signed out as the bible says (Gn 2, 7).

We believe that God is never far from us because he lives in the interiority of the Universe.
Indeed, the dwelling of God is a spiritual realm of love’s interactions which is the inner maximum of the Universe.
In other words, God never comes to us from the outside, but he comes always to us from within.
We believe that the encounter of God with man takes place in the heart of man. This means that to encounter God we need to need to come into our hearts.
We believe that the Holy Spirit is God's love poured into our hearts, as Saint Paul says (Rom 5:5).

We believe that man is a being under construction both in the physical realm, as in the mental and spiritual.
We believe that the human person is not confined to the biological dimension. This means that death does not reach the human person in his spiritual dimension.

We believe that the construction of the human person is an ethical task which requires saying yes to the calls of love and saying no to everything that is opposed to love.

We believe that the decision to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ is the best option to be happy.
We believe that to evangelize is a profound act of love for God and our neighbor.
In Communion With you
Calmeiro Matias

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